Jen Begeal


Digital Strategy

Digital media enhances audience participation – whether through the creation of social movements, interactive elements of creative properties, or through individuals telling their own narratives through the ephemera of social media. As our fleeting participatory storytelling ebbs and grows, it creates new cultural understandings, new types of inspiration, and new types of social movements that, in the sum of their many participants’ offerings, become lasting change in our society.

Red House

Red House Project

Red House is a multi-platform experience: a movement, entertainment property and a social impact campaign.

The center of Red House’s multi-platform experience is a crime-drama TV series featuring an Indigenous female teen protagonist. A podcast reveals the diegetic world of the TV series and expands the national story of MMIW only touched upon within the it. A second podcast features the stories of Indigneous women from around the world who are working hard to solve the MMIW crisis and to a larger extent, climate change. An interactive website hosts the podcasts, provides resources about the MMIW crisis and elicits action around the issues facing Indigneous communities.

Each of these platforms has the potential to reach a different audience and increase awareness of the crisis to audiences outside of the native community. In addition to awareness, we are working with multiple partners to create calls to action including raising funds for researchers, organizing outreach campaigns, and supporting Indigenous artists.

To learn more visit the project website.

Son of the South

Son of the South

A grandson of a Klansman comes of age in the deep south and eventually joins the Civil Rights Movement. Based on the Bob Zellner’s autobiography “The Wrong Side of Murder Creek.” The film is directed by Academy Award Nominated Editor, Barry Alexander Brown, and is Executive Produced by Academy Award-Winning Filmmaker, Spike Lee.

My role in the project is as transmedia producer, where I am developing a podcast of interviews with founders of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee and members of the Civil Rights Movement alive today. I also mange the social media platforms where I expose today’s audiences to the realities of the 1960′ Civil Rights Movement, the Jim Crow south and the parallels between today’s voter suppression, and . Black lives Matter movement.

Step out of line

Bob Zellner
Current Covers

Current Covers: TED

Scion and Current’s coverage of TED will, like the conference itself, focus on these big ideas, and on the personalities behind them. Current will also have a significant presence at TED, wrapping each segment in some of the fun, flavor and excitement that are now the hallmarks of the influential conference.

As digital producer and strategist my role was to write the content for the digital platforms, create articles for the TV channel social media team to post and manage relationships with additional content partners.

Stop Zenith

Stop Zenith

STOP ZENITH is a transmedia experience for the film ZENITH. It invites audience to participate in the film’s storyline by downloading pieces of the ZENITH narrative (the “tapes”) and re-constructing them through active groups on social media sites—thus building a faithful and participatory audience online.

STOP ZENITH incorporates 50+ websites, a Facebook page and multiple Twitter feeds, and 3 blogs to engage the audience with content related to the film’s characters

As transmedia producer I was tasked with creating the social media pages, writing articles for the blogs, creating live events, managing partnerships and developing game play.