Jen Begeal



I teach Digital Storytelling, Storytelling Across Media, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Branding, Transmedia Producing and Writing to the next generation of media creators, marketers, storytellers and producers as an Adjunct Professor of Media Studies at the New School, Concordia College, Fierstein Graduate College of Cinema and the International Center for Photography.

Storytelling Across Media

The most poignant and compelling stories will have no effect on the world unless they are crafted well, developed for the right platforms, and produced effectively. Being well versed in digital media tools and the business of production are vital to creating narrative projects with real impact.

Some of my classes include the following:


  • Digital Storytelling: a lecture class that outlines the fundamental principles of digital and traditional storytelling
  • Web & Marketing: a production class teaching the fundamentals of web design, marketing and advertising.
  • Interactive Multimedia Design: a production class instructing students on the theories and practices of developing interactive, multi-platform experiences.
  • The Business of New Media: a lecture and writing class providing insight into the global media industry and instructing students on how to market themselves and apply for jobs after graduation.
  • Transmedia Storytelling: a production class teaching the principles of multi-platform storytelling for photographers and journalists
  • Branding & Marketing: an introductory class on the process of developing a brand and the steps and tools organizations use to bring their brands to a global market


  • Producing for New Media: A production class teaching character development and screenwriting for multi-platform projects. Students’ completed projects feature pitch decks and a TV pilot or a feature-length script.
  • Storytelling Across Media: A production class teaching students how to develop and produce multi-platform story experiences. The outcome includes a completed story bible and a project component which includes a feature-length screenplay, pilot episode of a web series, or published novella.
  • ReMix and Mash-up Culture: An online production class providing historical context of mashup media and how to use it as a socially responsible content maker.