Jen Begeal


Social Good

When digital media communicates and disseminates the stories of marginalized peoples, it normalizes their experiences and begins to knit these into the fabric of wider society.   Experiences that were once ‘othered’ become a mainstream concern. This both enhances our culture and inspires people to create movements that ensure access to resources for those who have long been denied them.

Equality, rights, representation…all of the aspects of full participation in our culture can grow when the wider society begins to demand them for its most marginalized members. Creating the environment for social justice and social good to flourish is the role of storytelling.

The following are a selection of social justice and social good campaigns that I have produced.

Red House

Red House is a multi-platform experience: a movement, entertainment property and a social impact campaign.
Our Native, female led team, seeks to take control of the narratives around Native American people in the United States, in front of and behind the camera, by telling powerful stories that draw attention to environmental social justice movements and solutions.

The project’s primary focus is on the overlooked crisis of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women in the US (MMIW) and the ties many of these cases have to extractive industries.

Financial Lit

Financial Lit is a podcast hosted by Jonathan Ortiz, a financial advisor in the Bronx who is currently running for New York’s 15th Congressional District. Trough in-depth interviews, and candid discussions, Jonathan educates his Bronx-based audience, many who are living paycheck to paycheck, or who have never before had a bank account, about such important topics as personal finances, saving for retirement, the real cost of college education, how to shop for food on a budget and more all with a Bronx flair.