Jen Begeal


About Me

I develop digital storytelling strategies and produce content for cross-platform media properties in film, TV and news outlets

My work has encompassed film, television, social media, podcasts, and live events. Many of my endeavors center around social justice, community building, and calls to action.

Storytelling is the glue that has knit together societies for thousands and thousands of years. Digital media creates a connection between people of disparate experiences and locations. Combined, their power is transformative. Cross-platform, or transmedia, storytelling with digital media is an extraordinary technical tool that has the ability to widely disseminate stories and to create intimacy between those who live the stories and those who are experiencing them vicariously.

As part of my continued research and work, I am exploring the process of transforming marginalized voices and concerns into societal voices and concerns and exploring the role of digital storytelling in creating participatory engagement that supports this transformation.